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Ideas to keep babies and young children entertained at home during the Coronavirus outbreak

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The prospect of being stuck at home due to Coronavirus is already reality for many, and in the coming days and weeks looks like it will be inevitable for most of us. My head hurts from thinking about it and the idea of not being able to leave the house with three young children is terrifying in itself.

Now is the time to leave the loo roll on the shelves for people who really need it and stockpile ideas to keep the little ones busy.

As we all come to accept the inevitability of our current situation, I feel that it’s important to focus on what we can do now to cope. Lots of people are sharing ideas about how to support vulnerable people in their communities and people are starting to rally round and think creatively about ways to keep going.

Since I’ve been sharing bits and bobs with my mum friends as they occur to me I thought it would be helpful to pull them together in a blog post so other people could benefit.

My goal is to be quite structured in our days, whilst keeping new ideas up my sleeve and some special treats too. When I get round to putting more meat on the bones I will share anything I come up with, but for now, here’s a collection of resources that I will be using for inspiration.

Playing with Peppa Pig in muddy puddles


Ideas for entertaining young children at home


Five Minute Mum – She has written a blog post about how to structure the day, which is well worth a read.

Baking With Kids – I have tried and tested loads of these recipes and they are all aimed at keeping little ones busy.

Oliver Jeffers – Is reading a book on Instagram Live at 6.00pm for every day that we are at home.

Mac Barnett – Is also reading a book a day via Instagram Live at 7.00pm

Play at Home Mummy

Play Hooray

Simple Kids Activities

The Conker Crew


Thimble and Twig

Tuff Tray Ideas Group

The Ladybirds’ Adventures


Twinkl – A website that teachers use for resources, which has been opened up to parents who need to home school their children.


Teach Your Monster to Read – I recently downloaded this app, which is aimed at children in the early stages of learning phonics, or for older children who need a bit more practice. Tall Boy has picked it up really easily and is loving it so far. I’ve just seen that this is free (or very cheap to download depending on your operating platform) until 23rd March.


30 Day Lego Challenge


Ideas that promote kindness

Children in Italy have been painting rainbows and displaying them in their windows with the slogan “Everything will be alright” to share hope in the face of crisis.


Local Groups

Several of the baby groups that I attend in South Manchester are planning to run live classes online.

Keep a look out for Little Groovers, Owen’s Little Music Makers, and Bloom for starters.

Baking with three year old


If you come up with anything else then please share in the comments.

I will try my best to keep this post updated, particularly with regards to anything from local businesses. I will also post pics of things we are getting up to on my Instagram account, which will hopefully give you further inspiration. 

In the meantime, take care and stay well. xxx

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