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Ideas to keep babies and young children entertained at home during the Coronavirus outbreak

Washing up

The prospect of being stuck at home due to Coronavirus is already reality for many, and in the coming days and weeks looks like it will be inevitable for most of us. My head hurts from thinking about it and the idea of not being able to leave the house with three young children is terrifying in itself.

Now is the time to leave the loo roll on the shelves for people who really need it and stockpile ideas to keep the little ones busy.

When you find out you are expecting twins

Twin pregnancy scan

I wrote this post on 17 October 2018 – the day we found out we were having twins. I was supposed to be working but unsurprisingly couldn’t concentrate on anything else. I wrote down my thoughts as a way of processing the news.

For various reasons it has taken me almost a year to publish it, but I am sharing it now, virtually unedited, because I am sure that other, ‘soon to be twin parents’ will relate.

Sounds of the Forest: Review

Tall Boy reading Sounds of the Forest and holding owl whistle

Tall Boy absolutely loves to curl up with a book. He asks for stories first thing in the morning, he always has two stories before bed, and when he wants a bit of down time during the day we often snuggle up and read together. He enjoys the cuddle and relax time so much that on a few happy occasions I’ve even managed to be able to read to him until he falls asleep, which is a real treat now he has all but dropped his afternoon naps.