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Pregnant women can still enjoy fine dining!

Rhubarb, rosemary and orange, Manchester House restaurant

Going out to eat it not quite the same once you discover that you are pregnant. You have to check that the meal you want to order doesn’t contain any of those foods that the NHS determine to be off limits due to possible risks to you and baby, and you can’t order a glass of wine to complement your meal.

But, 9 months is a long time to abstain from dining out and, much as I love a glass of wine (although the Pea has put me off it to some extent) there’s still a lot to enjoy about a really good meal.

13 weeks pregnant: Oh my god, I’m growing a human

1st scan pic - 13 weeks pregnant

I had my dating scan last week at 13 weeks pregnant.

It was amazing to see our little Pea wriggling about, moving its arms and legs and opening its mouth. It was pretty chilled in there, so I had to cough a few times to make the little mite jump so the sonographer could get a good view. For 20 minutes hubby and I were mesmerised by the screen as we had a guided tour of my uterus and our little one. We saw its brain, its spine and its little heart fluttering away. Of course I’ve seen scan pictures before but they are nothing more than a reminder of the wonderful experience that is seeing your baby apparently happy and healthy. It was weird though. I find it really hard to connect that wriggling baby with the bulge that is already starting to form in my belly. How can it be so big and move so much when I can’t feel it at all?