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Occupy a teenager at Stonerig Raceway

Scalextric track scene at Stonerig Raceway

Whatever the age of your own children, there are times when you need to entertain a kid from a completely different age group. Your go-to activities are unsuitable and you find yourself having to think of something a little bit different. This happens to me fairly frequently when my nieces and nephews come to stay. They don’t live in Manchester so I can’t help but want to show them what fun there is to be had in and around the city.

Last weekend my 14 year old nephew paid us a visit. Now a teenager, I am confident that he has outgrown most of the ideas I could come up with off the top of my head – after all, Tall Boy’s requirements are a little more straightforward.

Luckily, whilst frantically Google-ing, I stumbled upon Stonerig Raceway in Oldham. The promise of 9 Scalextric race tracks had me sold. (Of course I knew I would be expected to take part in said activity!) With the chance to have a ‘go’ in a Formula 1 simulator and it sounded like the perfect way to spend an afternoon with a car loving, F1 fan of a teenage boy.

Scalextric track scene at Stonerig Raceway


The Scalextric Experience

From the outside, Stonerig Raceway is unassuming. I found myself opening the door to check it was open before everyone else got out of the car. But when you go inside you find a place made for anyone who loved to race little cars round tracks on their living room floor as a kid.

The 9, themed tracks are set out over two floors and each one has space for 4 people to race.

Scalextric tracks at Stonerig Raceway

Scalextric track scene at Stonerig Raceway

When the starting lights go out, you set off in a bid to complete 10 laps before your friends.

Starting lineup on Scalextric track at Stonerig Raceway

Luckily there is a screen to keep count, as remembering where you are up to when your car comes off the bend for the hundredth time can be tricky.

burnt out car on Scalextric track at Stonerig Raceway‘Derailments’, are usually recovered by an enthusiastic member of staff but sometimes you have to get yourself ‘back on the road’, which becomes part of the fun.

Scalextric track scene at Stonerig RacewayThe Scalextric racing was enough to occupy three adults and said teenager for a good hour, bringing out the competitive streak in all of us. A last minute flash of inspiration from Tall Dad to take the Baby Bjorn, also meant that Tall Boy was pretty well occupied too. He loved watching the cars whizz round.

Tall Boy trying out the Scalextric at Stonerig Raceway

Winter Scalextric track scene at Stonerig Raceway


The Formula One Simulator

Scalextric car racing complete, my nephew tried the F1 simulator. You sit in a full size racing car, which has a simulator screen in place of a windscreen. The car gives physical feedback apparently similar to that felt by a racing driver, whilst you race on a well known circuit. I can’t speak from my own experience but my nephew absolutely loved it. He didn’t want his half hour session to end.

F1 Simulator at Stonerig Raceway

Overall it’s a great value way to keep a teenager out of trouble for an afternoon. Weekend ‘arrive and drive’ sessions make it worth banking as a rainy day activity and, if you happen to be a Scalextric fan, you might be interested to learn that they host parties for grown ups too.


Stonerig Raceway

Unit 2, Milking Green, Hartshead Street, Lees, Oldham, OL4 5EE

Phone: 0161 478 2184

Mobile: 07736 545 041


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