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Last chance to enjoy a hot cup of tea

It’s never too early to start picking up tips from more experienced mummies. In fact, thinking ahead a little, it’s probably easier to take advice now so I can filter it before the emotions and sleep deprivation kick in.

This week I took part in a Twitter party hosted by Mumsnet Blog Network, using the hashtag #NewMumHacks. I picked up lots of hints and to make sure I still have them on hand when I actually need them, I’ve compiled my favourites in to a blog post. Hopefully you will find them useful too.


Preparing for your new arrival


Stock up on dry shampoo!


Fill your freezer

As it happens I was planning to do this. I can’t stand ready meals but love the convenience of being able to defrost something tasty. Hubby and I are also starting to put together an organised list of meals we love to save us trawling the recipe books every time we do a food shop.


Fill your wine rack

I have achieved this already. It’s full of all the fizz and wine I couldn’t drink over Christmas. Good job wine doesn’t go off!


Don’t scrimp on items that will be used a lot

I don’t want to be taking the wheels off to get my pram in the car, so I’d add; make sure it folds easily and fits in to your boot. And for tall mums, make sure the handle is high enough for you to push comfortably. Take it for a test drive before you buy if you can (or at least push it round the shop) and make sure your feet don’t kick the wheels.


Get used to your kit

I can see why this is a good idea. Too many times I’ve been stuck like a lemon at the petrol pump trying to work out how to close the petrol cap on a new car – it’s the same principle right?


Adapting to the changes


Accept the mess 

Living with the hubby is already preparing me for mess!


Preparation is key

I love to think I’ll do this, but even now the urge to just get in to bed can make me tempted not to clean my teeth (although I always do) so we’ll see.


Keep yourself presentable 


You will make mummy friends


Shop online

We already do this. Standing in the queue at the supermarket is bad enough without a child.


Block out the sound 


Relax and enjoy

I really hope I can manage this.


Caring for your baby


Remember what’s important

The author of this tweet added later that lots of cuddles were also essential. I like the sense of practicality and not setting yourself up to fail.


You may not stick to your plans


Mummy time 

To think I almost turned down the offer of a door bouncer thinking that a jumparoo would provide for all my baby’s bouncing needs. Should I be concerned about baby banging its head on the door frame?


Sofa zone 

I can see this becoming an excuse to invest in a pretty tray or box as part of baby preparations.


Dealing with nappy rash


Dealing with colds 

One of my friends was advised to try this and reported that it helped her little one. Just hope I remember.


Accepting help


Now’s not the time for pride


Trust yourself 


If you are breast feeding


Involve Daddy too 


Eat productively


Try anything! 

This was my favourite tweet. Apparently it’s known advice and the leaves are even more effective if used straight from the fridge. When the time comes I promise to try it and report back!


Practical hacks


Have essentials to hand 


Contain the mess 


Nappy sacks have lots of uses 


Think ahead 


 Mud covers 


Hygienic bathtime  

Wish I’d heard of this before, it would have saved me lots of cleaning time.


And most importantly


Don’t take tea for granted


At this point there’s no way of knowing which of these tips I will come to rely on but right now, I’m off to enjoy a hot cup of tea while I still can – decaf of course!

What are your #NewMumHacks? Share the wealth in the comments below.

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  • Sarah T-Le

    Buy a flask to keep your brew hot throughout the day and as for breastfeeding-stock up on Lansinoh cream just in case and get a subscription to something with box sets 😜

    29th February 2016 at 11:16 pm Reply

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