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Getting creative with magnetic chalkboard paint

tall mum in manchester magnetic blackboard

Since becoming a mum I understand why parents take their offspring out and about in all weathers. They are either trying to get their babies to nap, or to wear their children out before bedtime.

Regardless of your child’s age, the prospect of spending a whole day indoors with them is enough to fill you with dread.

Living in a city that has a reputation for rain probably makes Manchester parents experts in entertaining their children but I’m sure that ideas for things to do when the weather takes a turn for the worse are always welcome.

Whilst I don’t claim to have all the answers, I do have one suggestion to help you create an exciting indoor space that will help beat the rainy day blues. Johnstone’s Magnetic Blackboard Paint can transform almost any surface in to a blank canvas for your child’s doodles and displays.

I was given a tin of paint to test so I decided to get creative and turn a charity shop mirror in to a noticeboard. If I had a suitable space I’d have given it a go in Tall Boy’s nursery too; mind you he’s is a little young to be drawing on the walls. 

mirror on bench

I removed the mirror glass and cut a sheet of MDF to replace it, then used a coat of primer on the MDF before the blackboard paint. I applied the blackboard paint with a soft bristled synthetic brush. It took to the surface surprisingly well and has given a pretty even finish.

magnetic blackboard paint and brush

It washed off the brush easily too, with just soap and water. (The worst part of decorating in my mind is washing the brushes so this has to be a win in my book!)

The tin recommends applying at least three layers of paint and suggests that the more layers, the better the magnetic surface you end up with. I’ve used four layers and regular fridge magnets hold to it easily.

magnetic blackboard paint project

I’m going to to use the frame as a memo board in the kitchen for now but when Tall Boy learns how to hold some chalk without trying to eat it, I’ll pass it over to him so he can practice his drawing. 

tall mum in manchester blackboard

So, if you have a spot of DIY in mind for the Easter holidays and want to please your kids at the same time, donating some wall space, or other surface, to a magnetic blackboard paint project would be a great way of killing two birds with one stone.

magnetic blackboard paint and brush


I was given a tin of Johnstone’s Magnetic Chalkboard paint to review, as well as a Fat Hog Pro Aqua paintbrush to apply it with. Ideas and views are, as always, my own.

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