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Don’t make excuses. Make things happen. Make changes. Then blog more.

Mummy and toddler in Bogs wellies

Gosh, it’s been so long since I last published a post on my blog, aside from a review of Tall Boy’s first visit to Father Christmas, that I hardly know how to get back on track. Leafing through the ‘Tall Mum’ folder on my Mac I’ve found posts that are drafted, even completed, and I can’t remember quite why they didn’t get published. I guess there’s a chance that the same will happen to this post, but I am quietly optimistic that won’t happen. And the reason is, I have finally managed to carve out some designated time to concentrate on my blog again.


Don’t make excuses

It was easy when I was pregnant, and looking back, it was even easy when Tall Boy was small. When I wasn’t looking after him I didn’t have many other commitments on my time. But now, 18 months on, I rarely have a moment to myself, let alone to spend with Tall Dad, and as a result blogging has fallen by the wayside.

If you follow me on Instagram you may remember that I moved house at the end of August last year. We left our first family home in Levenshulme and ventured outside the M60 to Sale. It’s a decision I have no regrets about whatsoever but, since the move, the house has consumed what free time I have left after trying to fit approximately 24 hours work in to the two days that Tall Boy is with his child minder. If I’m not at pilates or netball, my evenings are pretty much filled with work these days. Weekends are jam packed with fun family things, visiting friends, and making decisions about plastering, steel beams, or paint colours.

Ok, these probably sound like excuses. I prefer to think of them as reasons.


Make things happen

So, what makes me more confident that I will be able to blog a little more frequently? (I’m not going to promise regularly at this stage, but since most of you reading this are parents, I’m hoping you’ll cut me some slack). Well, I’ve been given the gift of time. Tall Boy is going to spend one day a month with his grandparents and I am going to use the time to write, edit, and write some more.

…Although, it’s quarter to 4 and I’ve only just started on a blog post. (bills have needed to be paid, work hours need to be made up, builders need cups of tea, etc.)


Make changes

In all the craziness I have actually missed updating my blog. I’ve taken tons of photos that haven’t quite made it to Instagram and blog post ideas still come to me but don’t end up in print. I am determined to be better from now on. Even if I only manage one post a month it will be an improvement on my recent efforts.


Then blog more

So here goes with my plans for posts that you can expect to see from Tall Mum over the coming weeks.

A weaning page

Tall Boy is well past that stage but I’ve been meaning to share my recipes with my friend, not least because her baby seems to have done the same as Tall Boy and rejected purees in favour of feeding herself – and it gets more difficult to get veggies in that way. It makes sense to share the wealth with you while I’m at it.

Reflections on sharing my miscarriage blog post

This post is sitting in the drafts folder on my blog, fully written and only missing one link. That’s probably the reason I didn’t publish it when I wrote it last year. So, I’ll be adding that link and sharing it soon. Better late than never right?

Reflections on my first year of parenting

I mapped this one out just after Tall Boy’s first birthday party with the NCT babies, in the same style as my pregnancy update posts. Where does time go?

A review of Tall Boy’s and my matching Bogs Wellies

I’ve got photos (see feature image) and Tall Boy loves stomping around in them. Hopefully you will be reading my thoughts very soon.

All I need now is for you wonderful people to forgive my sporadic posting and keep reading, maybe even comment occasionally. I really love it when you do.

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