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Donate your outgrown baby clothes this Mother’s Day

Mothercare #GiftABundle bags ready to donate

Tall Boy is 7 months old. Aside from wondering where on earth the time has gone, I can’t believe how much clothing he’s been through in such a short space of time. Babies outgrow everything at an unbelievable rate; so much so that it feels like only days pass between sorting out clothes of one size before I’m rooting through the next. As a result, the mountain of ‘too small’ items builds up, and very often they’ve hardly been worn. Keep reading to find out how to put your baby’s outgrown clothes to better use this Mother’s Day. 

Unless you’re saving them for future children it’s unlikely that you will have any further use for the clothes your baby or toddler has grown out of (aside from possibly making a memory bear, bunting or a quilt) yet parting with them can be emotional. Maybe that’s the reason why research carried out by Mothercare and environmental charity Hubbub found that parents in the UK are hanging on to baby clothes long after their children have outgrown them. The survey of 2,000 parents with children under 18 found that 71 per cent of them have kept outgrown baby clothes, despite having no plans to use them again.

Mothercare #GiftABundle bag ready to pack

It’s always easier to part with things if you feel like they are being put to good use, or going to a good home. With Mother’s Day only a couple of weeks away, Mothercare and Hubbub have joined together to encourage parents to gift good quality, outgrown baby clothing to local families in need.

#GiftABundle is intended to be a celebration of parenthood; welcoming parents to the ‘club’ by helping them save money, reuse and extend the life of baby clothes, and connect with other families in their community.

Special bags are available to collect from selected Mothercare stores. Fill them with 6-10 items of good quality baby clothing (from premature to 3 years), write a gift card, then return them to the store, ready to be gifted to mums, through local groups, for Mother’s Day.

If you live in Manchester you can collect bundles from the Mothercare store at Manchester Fort. Make sure you return them by 25 March. You can find details of other participating Mothercare stores here.


Other ways to get involved

If you don’t live near a participating branch of Mothercare, they still want you to think twice about holding on to clothes your baby no longer wears. They have come up with a range of inspiring ways to put them to good use:

    • Wrap up a thoughtful gift for a friend or colleague;
    • Host a clothing swap at home or at work;
    • Run a #GiftABundle in your local community, which they will help you to do if you’re not sure where to start;
    • Learn how to make children’s clothes last longer;
    • Recycle clothes that are too worn to wear.

Mothercare #GiftABundle packed with boys clothes

Why not start your spring cleaning early and make this year’s Mother’s Day better for a fellow mum – after all, when it comes to parenting, we’re all in this together.

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