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A clean kitchen without the hassle

Cleaning products ready for cleaning with

Having a baby consumes pretty much all your time, particularly during the first few months while you get to know each other and adjust to a new life of sleep deprivation. As a result, tasks that you used to fit in when you had a spare five minutes start to fall by the wayside and keeping the house clean is no exception.

When offered me a three hour clean to review their cleaning service in Manchester I snapped their hand off. 

Patak’s frozen curry review

Patak's chicken tikka masala box

One of the hardest things to get used to as a new mum is adjusting to your baby’s schedule. Everyday tasks such as bathing, cooking, cleaning and laundry become goals that you aim to achieve over the course of the day, fitting them in to nap times or completing them one handed as you bounce, soothe and feed your baby.

People may tell you not to worry and to lower your standards for a while, but a shower always makes you feel better – and you still have to eat.

From this new mum mindset I jumped at the chance to review one of the new Patak’s frozen curries. Any help with the day to day becomes more valuable than anything else in the world, and nothing beats someone else taking care of dinner.

Choosing a pram: How to survive the process!

Choosing a pram: How to survive the process!

Buying a pram is the most expensive investment for most parents preparing for their new arrival. It’s also the item that’s going to get the most use. Why then is it such a complicated process?

Hubby and I pretty much made up our minds about which pram we wanted before we set foot in a shop. I even managed to ‘test drive’ a few models. Yet what should have been an easy verification process before we handed over the credit card still managed to take us the better part of 3 hours over 2 separate visits to John Lewis.

One thing I’m sure of is that standing in a shop with no ideas about which pram you want will be totally overwhelming to your pregnant self. I’d highly recommend doing your preliminary research from the comfort of your sofa. There are just so many options to choose from.

In order to make the process easier, I asked my friends to answer a series of questions about the prams they used. I’ve put their responses together in this post. I can’t promise that it will make it easier to order the pram you want, but it will help you assess the options from a real life parent perspective.