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Would you take your baby to a rave?

Big Fish Little Fish: Around the World

Having a baby is a sure fire way to close the door on your youth. The days of partying in to the small hours become a distant memory as you learn to cherish the sacred time when baby is sleeping by sleeping yourself. Of course you can always risk a 4 am finish and deal with the ensuing hangover but, if the idea of parenting after the night before gives you a sore head before you’ve so much as ordered a cocktail I might just have a solution.

Roald Dahl’s 100th Birthday: Pop up cinema at New Bailey, Manchester

Film roll, ticket and gummy bears

If you were a child bookworm the chances are you will have enjoyed the dark comedy, villainous adult enemies, and unexpected endings of Roald Dahl’s tales. Everyone has their favourite and mine has to be Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It might have something to do with my sweet tooth; I mean just think how amazing it would be if that place was real – a river of chocolate!

It’s 100 years since his birth on 13 September 1916 and events are being organised around the country to mark this special ‘Roald Dahl Day’.

Keep reading to find out what’s going on at New Bailey, Manchester.

Pregnant women can still enjoy fine dining!

Rhubarb, rosemary and orange, Manchester House restaurant

Going out to eat it not quite the same once you discover that you are pregnant. You have to check that the meal you want to order doesn’t contain any of those foods that the NHS determine to be off limits due to possible risks to you and baby, and you can’t order a glass of wine to complement your meal.

But, 9 months is a long time to abstain from dining out and, much as I love a glass of wine (although the Pea has put me off it to some extent) there’s still a lot to enjoy about a really good meal.