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5 things nobody tells you about childbirth

Baby being delivered by a stuffed stork

During pregnancy you have to come to terms with the idea of giving birth. Numerous parenting classes, pregnancy books and websites explain the various stages of labour and people will happily tell you their birth stories. All these things help you prepare but when it comes to extracting babies there are many things to take you by surprise.

In this post I share five things that happened during my labour that I hadn’t expected, or even heard about beforehand.

10 tips for coping with a heatwave when you’re pregnant

Stack of ice lollies

Swollen ankles, feeling heavy, getting overly hot and sweaty every time you try to do anything strenuous – sound familiar? If you are pregnant you are probably not rejoicing in the sunshine but trying anything to keep cool.

It’s been over 30 degrees in Manchester today and, at almost 38 weeks pregnant, I’ve been doing everything I can to stay as comfortable as possible.

Guest post: The things I loved & didn’t love in my first 6 months as a Mum

The things I loved & didn't love in my first 6 months as a mum

Krystyna gave birth to her cheeky little boy in October last year. She is loving motherhood and relishing the baby related love and mothering accomplishments.

Reflecting on her experience of her first 6 months as a mum inspired her to write a post summarising the good and the bad to offer encouragement to new mothers.

She has kindly agreed to let me share her thoughts on my blog. So, Krystyna, over to you.

Guest Post: 14 tips from the first year of parenting

14 tips from the first year of parenting

My friends recently celebrated their son’s first birthday. After surviving their first year as parents, Lesley was keen to ensure that I would benefit from her experience when Pea arrives, which prompted her to put together this list.

Having had the privilege of spending lots of time with Lesley and her gorgeous son since she’s been on maternity leave, I know that many of these tips come from personal experience, trial and error, and some have been handed down from other parents.

I’ll definitely be referring to this list with Pea, but rather than save it till then, Lesley has kindly agreed to let me share it for the benefit of other new parents. After all, tried and tested has to be better than textbook advice when it comes to bringing up babies! I hope you find it useful – over to you Lez!


Last chance to enjoy a hot cup of tea

It’s never too early to start picking up tips from more experienced mummies. In fact, thinking ahead a little, it’s probably easier to take advice now so I can filter it before the emotions and sleep deprivation kick in.

This week I took part in a Twitter party hosted by Mumsnet Blog Network, using the hashtag #NewMumHacks. I picked up lots of hints and to make sure I still have them on hand when I actually need them, I’ve compiled my favourites in to a blog post. Hopefully you will find them useful too.