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Guest Post: 14 tips from the first year of parenting

14 tips from the first year of parenting

My friends recently celebrated their son’s first birthday. After surviving their first year as parents, Lesley was keen to ensure that I would benefit from her experience when Pea arrives, which prompted her to put together this list.

Having had the privilege of spending lots of time with Lesley and her gorgeous son since she’s been on maternity leave, I know that many of these tips come from personal experience, trial and error, and some have been handed down from other parents.

I’ll definitely be referring to this list with Pea, but rather than save it till then, Lesley has kindly agreed to let me share it for the benefit of other new parents. After all, tried and tested has to be better than textbook advice when it comes to bringing up babies! I hope you find it useful – over to you Lez!

Choosing a pram: How to survive the process!

Choosing a pram: How to survive the process!

Buying a pram is the most expensive investment for most parents preparing for their new arrival. It’s also the item that’s going to get the most use. Why then is it such a complicated process?

Hubby and I pretty much made up our minds about which pram we wanted before we set foot in a shop. I even managed to ‘test drive’ a few models. Yet what should have been an easy verification process before we handed over the credit card still managed to take us the better part of 3 hours over 2 separate visits to John Lewis.

One thing I’m sure of is that standing in a shop with no ideas about which pram you want will be totally overwhelming to your pregnant self. I’d highly recommend doing your preliminary research from the comfort of your sofa. There are just so many options to choose from.

In order to make the process easier, I asked my friends to answer a series of questions about the prams they used. I’ve put their responses together in this post. I can’t promise that it will make it easier to order the pram you want, but it will help you assess the options from a real life parent perspective.

Upcycled changing table

Upcycled nursery drawers

I love making things for my home and it’s the same with the nursery. There are so many expensive items on the market that it’s easy to believe you need to spend a fortune to create the perfect baby room. In true Kirstie Allsopp style, I want to do things a little differently and give the room my own personal stamp with upcycled, handmade and vintage items.

Getting ahead of myself has given me the opportunity to find second hand furniture and turn it in to something unique for Pea.

Giraffe Wish List

There’s something to be said for being one of the last in our group of friends to have a baby. We have been lucky with donations of pretty much everything we could possibly need. But Pea will need some treats of its own and I have found that baby shopping offers a great opportunity to indulge my love of all things giraffe.

Giraffes have become a favourite animal for the hubby and me. I know the obsession came about during a trip to Moscow zoo on our first holiday together but I’m not really sure how it stuck around – might have something to do with the tall gangliness! Anyway, we now find ourselves pointing out giraffes wherever they crop up, which is surprisingly often.

The Bump Class: Book Review

The Bump Class: Book Review

The Bump Class by Marina Fogle & her sister Dr Chiara Hunt was written to provide accessible, professional and unbiased advice to expectant mothers. I became aware of it when Ben Fogle tweeted about it just before it was released, happily around the time of my first scan.

Keep reading to find out what I’ve made of it now I’ve got to the halfway point of my pregnancy.