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Becci Johnson Tall Mum In Manchester


Welcome to Tall Mum in Manchester. I hope you’ll find it useful. Along the way I’ll be giving you an insight in to my pregnancy and journey towards motherhood. Keep reading to find out more about me!

I ’m in the second trimester of pregnancy with my first baby and I finally feel ready to share my news.

It’s time for me to establish a new corner of the internet, where I can write about my experiences as my pregnancy progresses and through in to motherhood. Hopefully I’ll pick up some tips and advice from experienced mummies along the way.

As I start out on this journey, supported at all times by my hubby and our two naughty tortoiseshell cats, I want to share the highs and lows, ups and downs, and the benefits of any research that I do in to maternity wear, exercise classes, buggies, nursery furniture and all those things, which, as I type this, seem like someone else’s reality.

I want to create a place for Manchester mums to find local baby info about everything from antenatal classes to bars that offer a good range of virgin cocktails (coz mamma still wants to go out during these last precious months of freedom), and that mothers from further afield can stumble upon to find advice, tips and reviews as I start to make sense of all the things that need to be organised before the baby comes.

Why Tall Mum in Manchester?

Well, I’m 5 ft 11 tall. Most of the time I love my height – so did my netball team until I told them I was pregnant and won’t be back for at least the rest of this year. But my 36”-37” inside leg and Mr Tickle arms make buying clothes a challenge at the best of times, and a near impossibility as I try to accommodate an expanding waist line / growing bump. It’s not surprising then that I’ve had to do a bit of research to find some wardrobe staples that will hopefully see me through my pregnancy, coz let’s face it, I’ve been uncomfortable in my skinny jeans from the beginning.

I live in Manchester and I’ve been blogging about my life here for almost 18 months. Readers of my other blog,, won’t be impressed with a barrage of pregnancy related posts scattered amongst the reviews and recommendations for things to do in the city. As I’ve started to research pre natal exercise classes and opportunities to meet new mums it struck me that it would be much easier if the information was pulled together in one place – so that’s what I’m going to do.

For everyone reading this, I would love to have your input. Feel free to share your own views, tips, trials, tribulations and experiences with morning sickness – because one thing I am pretty sure of is that parenting is going to be damn hard, but there is always comfort to be found in knowing that someone else is going through the exact same thing.

I’d like to invite you to join me on my journey to motherhood. My first post is probably the best place to start, then feel free to have a browse around. If you’ve got time I’d love for you to say Hi!

Tall Mum In Manchester