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Having a baby consumes pretty much all your time, particularly during the first few months while you get to know each other and adjust to a new life of sleep deprivation. As a result, tasks that you used to fit in when you had a spare five minutes start to fall by the wayside and keeping the house clean is no exception.

When offered me a three hour clean to review their cleaning service in Manchester I snapped their hand off. 


How to use

The premise of is to connect you with self employed, professional cleaners who are interviewed and reference checked so that you can feel confident about inviting them in to your home.

When you visit the website you enter your postcode to find cleaners in your area. Next you select the frequency of clean that you want. Weekly or fortnightly cleans require a minimum commitment of three months and they are charged at £10 per hour. One off cleans cost £12 an hour, and are a great way to test the service, or to have your house cleaned for a special occasion. 

Once you have chosen the date and duration of your clean you can ask your cleaner to do the ironing, then draw up a shortlist of people available to accept your job.

You can read customer reviews and remove cleaners from the shortlist before you enter your personal details, confirm your booking and pay for your clean. When you proceed, your job is allocated to the first cleaner to respond.


Preparing for your clean

If you are not going to be at home when your clean takes place you need to make arrangements to hand over your keys.

To make the most of the cleaning time it’s helpful to have a tidy round first. It’s also useful to make sure you are stocked up on cleaning products and cloths. You can ask your cleaner to bring their own for a small additional fee if you prefer.

It’s a good idea to put together a list of the tasks that you would like your cleaner to complete. It can be hard to judge how long certain tasks will take so I would suggest having a flexible list arranged in order or priority.


Thoughts on my clean

Amie arrived on time and after a quick chat during which I showed her where everything was and explained the idiosyncrasies of cleaning our house, for example that we use a specific cleaner on the kitchen work surfaces to protect the wood, she set to work.

I left her in the kitchen while I entertained Tall Boy in the living room. She finished with lots of time to spare so hoovered round the dining room and offered to clean the bathroom as well. I was more than happy to let her get on with it.

I was surprised how much Amie got through and when she had finished the house was ready for visitors and I was saved the mad dash around with a duster before they arrived.

I did find it a bit strange to have someone cleaning the house while I was doing other things but I was willing to put that feeling aside in the interests of having one less job to do.

Overall I was impressed with how straightforward was to use. If I could ever justify employing a cleaner on a regular basis it would be a good starting point to avoid the hassle of searching for recommendations and obtaining references myself. offered me a 3 hour clean in exchange for a review. Opinions are, as always, my own. 

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