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28 weeks pregnant: Welcome to the third trimester

28 weeks pregnant: welcome to the third trimester

The third trimester starts at the end of pregnancy week 27. I am officially on the homeward stretch, with just under 3 months until Pea’s due date.

Since my last ‘pregnancy diary’ post, hubby and I have been on our Spanish babymoon. We had a great time exploring the beautiful northern coastline and even took a few pics of bump on the beach.

28 weeks pregnant: welcome to the third trimester

28 weeks pregnant: welcome to the third trimester


Pregnancy fitness

We always knew that April and May were going to be packed with family events and holidays that would take up most of our weekends. Unfortunately we didn’t factor in the impact that this would have on our regular Sunday swim and we missed quite a few weeks as a result.

My lack of swimming activity has been coupled with a lack of running. 4k per week has somehow turned in to 0k since our holiday. I’m not even sure that I can still run. The hot weather has given me an excuse not to risk it!

The problem is, I quickly start to notice if I’ve not done enough exercise so we’ve had to find an alternative time and place to swim during the week. Unfortunately the term ‘adult swim’ is loosely interpreted by several local pools. Swimming lengths isn’t easy in a narrow lane filled with people of all abilities (Hough End), and even harder when people are swimming widths or trying to dive on your head (Arcadia).

I’m still loving pregnancy pilates. It’s not enough exercise on its own but it’s working wonders for my posture and, so far, I’ve avoided any real problems with my back.

I’ve introduced a yoga ball in to the living room. It takes up a bit of space but it’s great to sit on, particularly when I’m feeling very pregnant and uncomfortable. I also have a spiky ball to massage my feet – every pregnant woman should get one!

I had my first experience of swollen ankles after a 3 hour drive back from the Cotswolds on a hot day. They looked like I’d sprained them, they were so huge. I found that going for a gentle walk, sitting with my feet elevated, and drinking lots of water helped bring them back down to a normal size. I also try to move my feet and legs as much as possible during long journeys, which helps a bit.



The drawers I upcycled for the nursery are now finished. If you want to have a peak at how they turned out, read my ‘Upcycled changing table’ post here.

I have acquired an Ercol rocking chair, which I can’t wait to bring up to date with some new cushions so I can use it when I’m feeding Pea.

28 weeks pregnant: welcome to the third trimester

There has been very little by way of progress in the nursery over the last few weeks, other than gradually replacing the stocks of office related items with general baby crap. We’ve been really lucky to have so many donations from friends and family but it’s all rapidly encroaching in to the space we cleared, and we still need to paint the room before we can get anything properly organised.

As for big baby purchases, we have ordered our pram. Next it’s time to make a decision about the cot and the car seat. I can’t believe how much research all these things require. How to people know where to start!

If you want to know how we chose the pram, have a little read of this post.



Fortunately everything with Pea is going well. The movements are getting stronger and I can feel wriggles, kicks and hiccups almost every time I sit down. Hubby has been able to feel them too, and watch my belly move with the stronger ones. It’s great that he can be a bit more involved, and it provides us with an ongoing source of entertainment!

My bump is still growing at what seems to me to be a ludicrous rate and I notice it getting in the way more and more. They say you know you’re in the third trimester when it’s easier to walk away from the things you’ve dropped on the floor. I’m not quite there yet but the irony in my becoming more clumsy and dropping everything is not lost on me.



I am having a love hate relationship with maternity clothes at the moment – mainly hate.

As predicted, my jeans are not that comfortable in the warmer weather but I’ve struggled to find alternatives. I can see myself wearing the cropped trousers I eventually found from Bon Prix, to death.

Dresses have proved the most difficult. I’ve sent back one from Next and the Red Herring dress I purchased a few months ago (when I was a lot smaller in the bump region) has turned out not only to be totally see through, but too short as well. Why so many maternity clothes are see through is beyond me. No-one wants views of a pregnant woman’s underwear, skin, or stretching belly button!

I might just have cracked it after spending a whole evening scouring the internet for casual dresses. I eventually found 2 in Mothercare. This jersey dress, whilst not cheap, is lined (genius – why haven’t other brands thought of that?). The blue and white stripy dress seems to be thicker than standard material, plus it’s so long and floaty I think you’d have to be looking really hard to see through it.

By the way, the vest tops in Matalan at the moment are brilliant. They are not maternity but they are really long and so far I’m still managing to wear my normal size. Plus, they cost £4 each – bonus! The white vests are still see through, but I’ve given up on trying to find one and I’m sticking to black, colours or stripes instead.

Hopefully I am now on to a winner and will at least be able to dress comfortably if this predicted heatwave makes an appearance.


Starting NCT

Hubby and I are 2 weeks in to our NCT classes. It’s nice to be doing something to prepare for Pea together. There are 7 other couples on our course and our group rules include taking it in turns to supply baked goods. It seems we are all on the same page!

Our second session involved a group discussion about the impact of oxytocin and adrenaline during labour. It resulted in some interesting drawings that I couldn’t resist sharing with you.

28 weeks pregnant: welcome to the third trimester
NCT girls draw oxytocin fuelled labour
28 weeks pregnant: welcome to the third trimester
NCT boys draw adrenaline fuelled labour

Talking about labour and practising some simple massage and breathing techniques has made things seem a little bit more real. I flit between feeling like it’s ages away and thinking that we really don’t have much time left.

Anyway, whatever happens, the third trimester is here. Whether or not I choose to embrace it, I’ve got no choice but to deal with it. I’m just trying not to freak out about how much more I can possibly grow!


Are you reading this and pregnant too? What stage are you at and are you feeling prepared for your baby’s arrival? Let me know in the comments.


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  • Carol Johnson

    Very Informative

    21st May 2016 at 5:25 pm Reply
  • Gesine

    We got a cot for 99p off eBay and bought an IKEA mattress. Also bought a Moses basket at a kids charity shop. Worth looking at local Facebook selling groups as well. Your baby might well need a co sleeper cot, or a sleepyhead, if you’re not up for bed sharing without it, so you might be spending money on that once it’s out. (I’ve had so many friends said they’d never bed share, but did because they had to if they wanted any sleep at all.) Ah yes I remember the nct propaganda about the lovely hormones. It’s important to relax and get good techniques going, but I was certainly glad I’d also looked up stuff about inductions, sections and drugs.

    22nd May 2016 at 10:15 am Reply
  • MMT

    Can’t wait to see the chair all spruced up!

    I think the third trimester was my favourite – really getting ready for the babys arrival, celebrating new beginnings and being made a fuss of 🙂
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub

    26th May 2016 at 8:15 pm Reply

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